What’s New In python-apt 0.8

Python-apt 0.8 is a new major release of the python bindings for the APT package management libraries.

Removal of old API

The old API that was deprecated in 0.7.100 is no longer available. Applications that have not yet updated to the new API should do so.

Multi-arch support

This version of python-apt introduces multi-arch support:

Features for mancoosi

Several new features related to ordering have been added on request of the mancoosi project:

  • A new class apt_pkg.OrderList has been added

  • The apt_pkg.PackageManager class now provides new methods for registering install/remove/configure actions which can be subclassed to check ordering.

Other changes

This release of python-apt also features several other, smaller changes:

  • apt_pkg.Cache() now takes None for the progress parameter, preventing progress reporting.

There have been various other changes, see the changelog for a complete list of changes.