apt.progress.text — Progress reporting for text interfaces

Progress reporting for text interfaces.

Acquire Progress Reporting

class apt.progress.text.AcquireProgress(outfile: TextIOBase | None = None)

AcquireProgress for the text interface.

fail(item: AcquireItemDesc) None

Called when an item is failed.

fetch(item: AcquireItemDesc) None

Called when some of the item’s data is fetched.

ims_hit(item: AcquireItemDesc) None

Called when an item is update (e.g. not modified on the server).

media_change(medium: str, drive: str) bool

Prompt the user to change the inserted removable media.

pulse(owner: Acquire) bool

Periodically invoked while the Acquire process is underway.

Return False if the user asked to cancel the whole Acquire process.

start() None

Start an Acquire progress.

In this case, the function sets up a signal handler for SIGWINCH, i.e. window resize signals. And it also sets id to 1.

stop() None

Invoked when the Acquire process stops running.

CD-ROM Progress Reporting

class apt.progress.text.CdromProgress(outfile: TextIOBase | None = None)

Text CD-ROM progress.

ask_cdrom_name() str | None

Ask the user to provide a name for the disc.

change_cdrom() bool

Ask the user to change the CD-ROM.

update(text: str, current: int) None

Set the current progress.

Operation Progress Reporting

class apt.progress.text.OpProgress(outfile: TextIOBase | None = None)

Operation progress reporting.

This closely resembles OpTextProgress in libapt-pkg.

done() None

Called once an operation has been completed.

update(percent: float | None = None) None

Called periodically to update the user interface.